New pricing coming soon

We are evolving how Motif pricing will work to better match how customers want to buy results sheets. We are removing packages, allowing exact numbers of results sheets to be purchased, reducing our entry-level price to $4.99, and introducing a subscription that unlocks discounted pricing.

These changes are based on feedback we have received from a few of our high volume customers in particular. Two things stood out in particular:

  1. Customers doing high numbers of tests often employ multiple tests, but at different volumes. For example a high number of CC2’s, and a smaller number of TERCs. Our package based price structure meant the lower-usage tests felt unreasonably expensive compared to the higher usage tests. It didn’t feel very fair.

  2. Customers doing high numbers of tests often budget annually, and do an annual test volume plan. They want one or two transactions that are annual, predictable, and prices that align tightly to their plan. Our per-test package based pricing meant these customers would have a transaction per test, would buy more sheets that required to get the best discount, or complete multiple sporadic transactions throughout the year. All that made for lots of transactions, and unpredictable annual pricing.

Our new pricing structure resolves those problems. Here’s what we’ve done:

  • Removed: pre-defined packages, with different per-test prices based on package size.

  • Added: A lower casual per-test price for people who run tests infrequently of $4.99 per test.

  • Added: An annual subscription for $300 that unlocks discounted $1.50 per-test pricing for high volume customers.

  • Added: An ability to specify exact numbers of results sheets with multiple types of tests, and checkout in a single transaction.

We believe these changes stay true to our roots of the volunteer-run service, making Motif accessible, cost effective, and a useful tool for literacy experts and educators. Casual pricing is even more accessible at $5, while high volume testing is cost effective, and of course PDF downloads for manual testing is free forever.

This also paves the way for us to digitise more of the tests we house on Motif. The one subscription will provide access to low-cost options for a wider and wider array of literacy tests for Australian kids.

All existing results sheet balances will be unaffected.

For now, iOS in-app purchases will stay the legacy packages, while we bed-down this new structure and pricing on our web experience.


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