Introducing groups for organisations

We know it’s common to have a group of people working together in an organisation to run tests on Motif. Until now, the solution we have provided is to share the credentials for a single account to create a simple way of having multiple people working with a single test balance.

Groups are available today

From today, we are providing the ability to create a group to achieve this same result. Groups provide the ability to share results sheets across accounts.

To get started creating a group, go to your My Account page, and look for the Organisational group panel.

Creating a group transfers your current balance of results sheets to the group, and all group members draw from the same balance. It’s easy to shift from the previous advice of having a single shared account – use this account to create your group, and tada!, you’ve got a group with your remaining test balance, and other individuals can use their own account to access the balance.

For more info on how groups work, read the help articles in our knowledge base.

As always, we are keen to hear your feedback, and want to make Motif better and better. We can’t do that without your help! Tell us if this is useful for you, or how it could be better. I promise we are listening.


Team Scipilot


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